GOHAN IS RICU (a_for_anonymous) wrote in oh_carp,


Umm, Nuri just showed me how to get onto and use carp yesterday, and now I'm itching to do some MUCKing.
However, I've just realised that I have absolutely no idea as to WHEN you people do this stuff. ^^;; I mean, is there a generally accepted time for it, or what?

Sorry for the clueless post, just wanted to have some idea of how to organise things.
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Well, we haven't quite -started- yet, officially. I mean, people can schedule stuff on their own, but.. XD Nothing official yet. And while some more building would be nice, now that Xeno's done I can actually put time into starting this up.

Hee! But no one ever told me if they thought a happy opening plot (as opposed to a "Kay, it's open, do yer shit" announcement) would be nice. Thoughts, ideas?
Well, that really depends on whether or not you just want a convenient plot device to get everyone together, or something that could be the start of a drawn-out, yet eventually concluding, overall story. Personally, I'm thinking that if you want some decent plot-type stuff in there, something vaguely Kingdom Hearts-esque (IE, the characters are bought together under circumstances they don't really understand to somewhere unfamiliar, but remember their original environments) might work well, especially since we have sort of compact versions of their own 'habitats' as it were to work with.

I'm really not sure on anything detailed, though. ^^;
Well, if worst comes to worst- you could always just hop on and wait for people ^^. If you want to RP- prod someone and they'll usually be happy to do so ^^.
That's actually a really good idea. o_o

I'm not really expecting anything massively flashy here, anyway. Maybe we could just set up a date and time where we all pop on? And it can be a sort of "Holy shit, how'd we get here--Who the hell are you?" sort of moment.
That sounds good! I mean, it sounds like people are in favour of there being some special reason WHY all of them met under such circumstances, but hey... not everything has to be planned from the very beginning, right?
Oh, of course not! MU*'s tend to have a very spontaneous plotting, anyway. XD You give them a starting point, send people out, and they come up with (or just happen to stumble into) their own plots. It's hard to explain, but, uh, hopefully fairly intuitive in practice! ^^

Actually, I think that was one of the amusing things that I put forth. Because I was lazy it makes it all much more dramatic, we could just have everyone end up in the conglomerated world... But have no official explanation. Instead, everyone would have their own explanation, based on what they know and where they came from. (FF6ers could blame Espers or The Statues or something, etc. etc.)

For now, no official explanation. XD It's more fun to have people put forth their own suggestions ICly.

But maybe we should have a universal -way- that everyone ends up there? Nothing too complicated, just something stupid like: You were going about your business when it all went really light/really dark, and poof, you were here? Or something?

... I'm getting nitpicky about stupid things. Huzzah! ^_^ In any case, we could just pick a weekend and get everyone on at the same time, say that they just poofed in, and let the fun begin.
That sounds great on all parts, I'd say. ^^ Akira would probably have some serious thesis about it that'd be fun to work with, but Kyle... oh god, I can see what Kyle would think. XD

And there's a weekend right around the corner that looks ripe. *COUGH COUGH*
I actually like Magmamaru's thoughts about a Kingdom Hearts esque- We're here...WTF? How? kind of atmosphere ^^. It justifies the setting enough without being too complicated, but that's just me.
I would like to see a kind of central story mature. It would give more opportunity for characters to mature and grow, to deal with intense situations, to create angst, drama, and sap.