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Random stuff!

For those of you who have already decided which of your dares you're going to take... Please, post them in the comments to this post. XD That way, we'll know to stop daring other people to RP them!

Otherwise, is everyone okay with using the old space at Fa'Diel for the game? For those of you not in tha' know, Fa'Diel is located at, port 46262. Back in THE DAY, a few friends, parakain and I ran a Legend of Mana game there, that was eventually shut down (despite being the cutest thing ever) due to various little problems. Anyway, the space is still there. There's really no real reason to use the space--We could just as easily start from scratch. But Fa'Diel's there, it's nostalgic, and it'd save us porting programs over to someplace new. And this is totally just an excuse to RP, and not an excuse to make a 'real' game, so...

Actually, I have no real good argument. kartia might prefer that we use space on Krelian's server for the game, anyway, since Kartia is far away from his computer and can't get it back up if it implodes. Which might be a good reason to start from scratch anyway, even though it'll be the smallest game ever.

Anyway, I'd like to hear thoughts and ideas and suggestions 'n such. XD Even though this is completely irrelevant!

Oh! And I'm probably going to take Dalton as my dare. :P I was heavily tempted to be Edgar (mostly since so many people inexplicably thought I could RP him even halfway decently), but... With Dalton, he can run around claiming random things in the name of His New Empire. So, yeah. Hi. I'm crazy. >_>;
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